PMT Year End Newsflash – 2017

Newsletter - 2017

Dear Colleagues and Friends of PMT

We are proud to announce that our partner Vodacom has once again bestowed upon us the TOP WASP award for 2016/2017, making it the 5th consecutive win and another huge milestone for PMT. These awards identify the WASPs (Wireless Application Service Provider) who have, in that year, achieved the respective award criteria and abide by the WASP regulatory frameworks. Pattern Matched Technologies’ has achieved this award for driving the bottom-line revenue for Vodacom and for contributing positively in the core fields of all South African mobile network operator’s.

Winning the award has granted Pattern matched Technologies the opportunity to travel to Japan and explore the Eastern part of the Asian continent. We would like to extend our gratitude to Melany Cross (PMT WASP Manager) and Konrad Mostert for presenting the incentive trip for the year 2017.

PMT is a founder and member of the Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA). WASPA represents the interests of mobile application services providers operating in South Africa; it aims to ensure that consumers receive world-class services and that its members operate according to ethical and reasonable business practices.

PMT is the provider of award-winning WASP and USSD services which are:

  • USSD (Default and Network Initiated)
  • Banking Grade SMS
  • SIM Securitisation for Banking
  • Number Portability Lookup
  • Location Based Services
Exciting images of our CEO on the Vodacom incentive trip!!

Prior Mobile Goes Live

Prior Mobile Health’s goal is to contribute to improving access and quality of health services and improving efficiency on administration for all parties involved. They did immense research and found a noticeable need to enhance service delivery in the health sector. Part of the innovation was to ensure health service providers receive their payments in an acceptable time period and to provide a cost-effective service to businesses so that they can help with improving the quality of health of their employees. Furthermore, Prior Mobile Health provides quality health services at a reasonable price to the individuals that do not have access to medical aid.

Prior Mobile Health’s vision is to utilize innovative mobile technology to re-invent health service delivery. PMT is a technology enabler and its major interest was to enable Prior Mobile Health system to use our product Emerald™. PMT Emerald™ is a voucher distribution system that has been integrated into the Prior Mobile Health Voucher system running on the OutSystems platform. We applaud the OutSystems team for great work done so far on this project, which successfully went live on the 3rd of April 2017.


Meet the new PMT Team Members

It is with great pleasure that we welcome new and competent talent to PMT. Our dynamic team of developers, analysts, testers, engineers and administrators has grown.

Moreover, PMT has improved and expanded on the Quality Management Systems (QMS) and the on-going implementation of ISO-9001 standards in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). All new staff members have to go through thorough training and assessment processes regarding the PMT SDLC that includes active mentorship, individual feedback and various formal certified training courses.