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PMT’s Obsidian™ Connectivity Platform enables service exposure and management of API, IoT & Cellular endpoints through an end-to-end managed solution. Reach the market faster and find new revenue streams with Obsidian™.

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Accelerate your Services

Obsidian™ delivers end-to-end connectivity and visibility for services in multi-cloud environments.

Reverse Billed Data

Deliver websites and apps to customers and improve customer experience at no mobile data cost to them, even without an airtime or data balance.

Data Analytics at your fingertips

Collect metrics, traces, and logs for every service in Obsidian™ without any code changes in your applications.

Integrated Security & Performance

Obsidian™ includes deeply integrated security services to defend against DDoS attacks, service hijacking and spoofing, and abusive bots while focussing on performance and real-time processing.

Seamless Integration

No changes are required to your mobile application or website. No third-party SDK’s, wrappers or re-deployments are required. The Obsidian™ dashboard enables quick configuration.

Simplified Workflows

Obsidian™ provides full control over your daily and monthly service limit values to manage data volumes for your service. Control of actions applied when limits are reached to manage consumer experience.

Client-Driven Feature Augmentation

Augment applications or innovate new solutions without configuring or maintaining infrastructure. Enable authentication, rate-limiting, and enterprise workflow integrations.

Reversed Billed Data, Simplified

Pattern Matched Technologies™ has pioneered the reverse billing of Data URLs since 2012 and from years of experience working with our customers and the traditional operator model, have identified several crucial shortcomings. Leveraging the Obsidian™ Platform and creating a Data URL gateway that gives users access to all the critical features needed, Obsidian™ puts you in control of your reverse billing requirements and more!

By implementing Obsidian™ for your application or website, you are enabling your customers and employees to make use of an Application or URL, free of charge. You, as the enterprise, are billed directly, receiving preferential rates for the aggregated data usage.

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Obsidian™ is offered across all customers – prepaid, top-up and contract. Internet access outside of the Obsidian™ environment is charged at the end user’s prevailing tariff rates.

Obsidian™ allows the end-user to make use of the Application or URL free of charge. End-users are always able to connect, irrespective of airtime/data balances and they will always have access to the website or app.

Obsidian™ can be offered on Apps and websites, in return promoting more usage and client uptake. This results in an additional value-added benefit to the customers’ company websites or applications.

Designed for security and scale

Obsidian™ has implemented uncompromising security measures to protect not only the end-to-end solution and customer services enabled through Obsidian™, but also to protect any personal information captured or configured and processed by Obsidian™ for your services.

SaaS & On-Premise

Obsidian™ is available as a full SaaS offering driven by continuous updates, highly secure services and high uptime SLAs. Obsidian™ is also available as an on-premise solution, allowing you to keep your data within your network and control, to ensure the solution is compliant with any governance requirements.

Secure End-to-End

Connections and data processed by Obsidian™ remain encrypted throughout the processing flow by supporting only the latest specifications for secure connection establishment. Obsidian™ adheres to security and compliance standards, including, but not limited to, PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171.

Secure Connections

Secure connections between Obsidian™ and on-premise customer networks ensure private data exchange between endpoints.

Advanced Protection

Edge locations per MNO with secure configurations tracked for accurate billing and non-abuse while safeguarding against spoofing and hijacking.

Static IPs

Web Application Firewalls and Advanced DDoS protection and prevention, traffic control and shaping, bot detection to prevent common attacks and more!

Secure Protocols

Secure protocol handling at the point of termination ensuring end-to-end encryption of connections.

Take back control of your campaign spending!

Obsidian™ enables you to set billing limits so that you never spend more than you budget for.

Limits management

Limits are managed via the online portal and are set per service, or globally for the organisation. Real-time support for updating limits and thresholds.

Limits enforced

Allows for enforcement of daily and/or monthly limits for each service. Usage is tracked in real-time for millisecond enforcement to reduce risk.

Redirect to Standard Billing

Return the location of the standard-rated URL that the requestor should follow. Requestor redirected to the provided URL and being charged for the data consumed.

Preventing Traffic

An HTTP standard response indicates that a service has reached its limit. Information is returned regarding retry time, blocking traffic until such time is reached.

Analyse your traces, logs and metrics

Observability, easier than ever

Through integrating, Obsidian™ can enable you to observe metrics and traces without any code changes required.

Keep Security and Performance in Mind

Obsidian™ injects end-to-end security and tracing without introducing any performance overhead for your services.

Advanced Metrics

Obsidian™ supports detailed metric bundles that can be leveraged to analyse your Obsidian™ managed services.

Leverage your granular data for detailed analysis

Leverage your granular data for detailed analysis

With the global increase in cloud and hybrid networks, organisations face challenges with balancing network complexity with security and detailed analysis of applications. As this complexity escalates, managing the health and performance is paramount to keeping systems up and running – reliably and efficiently.

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Management Portal

Obsidian™ enables you to set billing limits so that you never spend more than you budget for. You can now also set custom alerts that will keep you informed of usage at thresholds that you can set easily. Moreover, you can also get a near real-time view of spend, and run reports for a more detailed breakdown.

•  Real-time adjustments to your services
•  Detailed monitoring and analytics
•  Feature Augmentation Enablement
•  Manage Services, Limits, and Credentials

Real-time adjustments to your services; Detailed monitoring and analytics; Feature Augmentation Enablement; Manage Services, Limits, and Credentials.

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Feature Augmentation Enablement

Obsidian™ is designed for client-driven feature augmentation, which we commonly refer to as components or integrations, unlocking late-stage integration and continuous functionality added to Obsidian™.

AWS Well-Architected

Continuous AWS Well-Architected Reviews are conducted of the Obsidian™ Gateway to optimize our cloud architecture, reducing risk, achieving cost savings, and accelerating innovation.

Deployment Presence

Deploy Obsidian™ closer to your customers

Obsidian™ ensures reliability, availability, security and service delivery through a vendor-neutral infrastructure and can be deployed into any region for edge processing.

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