PMT continues its partnership with The Family Africa EaziTeach™ Initiative.

A long-standing collaboration between PMT and The Family Africa continues for teachers at Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres using their android phones to connect to flat screens, sharing access to thousands of educational resources, reading schemes and numeracy activities.


Over the last few years, Pattern Matched Technologies™ (PMT) has collaborated with The Family Africa, both organisations being a firm believer in partnership and collaborative action. PMT’s CEO Markus Schorn charted the Smart TV Initiative which The Family Africa Organisation has adopted. ECD centres are the pillars of education and essential to bridge equity gaps and overcome multigenerational poverty and unlocking a child’s potential.

The Family Africa’s ECD Resource kit is a powerful tool to transform an ECD Centre into a high-tech classroom with no internet necessary as most ECD Centre’s do not have access to the Internet or sufficient mobile data. Using Smart TVs, teachers can share curricula, posters, books, and more which are entirely out of reach of real traditional preschool.


Unami and Melasa are both teachers at ECD Centres and are the most recent teachers to benefit from the Smart TV Initiative. Unami has said that she is so thankful for not only the free educational resources but also the training she had received from The Family Africa’s team. Her children have also benefited from attending the enrichment sessions at the Tom and Jerry ECD Centre.

PMT is proud to partner with The Family Africa and many other organizations in efforts to provide integrated services and a supportive environment for young children. If you would like to find out more information and help The Family Africa Organisation and its initiatives, please visit their website.



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