Tutuka Success Story

Tutuka is one of PMT’s oldest Clients, having implemented Crimson™ as a core part of their solution, which is financial switching for Debit and Prepaid Cards. Tutuka uses Crimson™ to switch transactions between Acquirers and Issuers in the Banking, Prepaid, Retail and Corporate environments.

“Crimson™ forms an integral part of our product delivery,” says Shaun Hodgkiss, technical director at Tutuka, a leading provider of a prepaid voucher and gift-card solutions in South Africa. Tutuka uses PMT’s Crimson™ software product for switching of its MasterCard gift-card transactions. Shaun explains how they were looking for an enterprise-level financial switch, and Crimson™ was their first choice.

“Without it, we would not have been able to launch our MasterCard gift-card product within tight deadlines,” he says. “We needed a product that had perfect uptime, was simple to use and administer and could interface with a wide range of proprietary interfaces from disparate financial institutions. Crimson™ matched all these criteria.” Asked what he sees as the benefits of Crimson™, Shaun explains how Crimson™ manages to conceal most of the complexities of ISO-8583 transaction switching. “This allows us to focus on our core competencies.” The good working relationship between PMT and Tutuka is evident. “Pattern Matched Technologies™ has made a significant contribution to the success of our technology,” Shaun assures, “and we feel confident that this relationship will only continue to grow.”