Real-time voucher distribution platform:

  • Airtime Distribution Platform
  • Prepaid Electricity Distribution Platform
  • Retail Vouchers and Coupon Distribution
  • Agent Distribution Network Enablement
  • Bespoke Voucher Create, Store and Redeem

PINned and PINless Airtime

Airtime Distribution

PINned & PINless Airtime

Emerald™ is directly integrated to all Major MNOs in South Africa and can likewise, be integrated to other MNOs in other territories like we are in various African Territories. In doing so we enable you to distribute Airtime which is either PINned, or PINless.

PINned Airtime is the traditional Voucher, which is accompanied with a PIN where the PIN must be entered correctly to enable redemption. PINless airtime only requires the recipient’s phone number, and the amount. Coupled with our Number Portability Service, where the MNO can be ascertained, the purchase of airtime is easy, instant, with no risk.

Prepaid Electricity Distribution

Prepaid Services

PPE, Utility and other Distribution & Reselling

PMT is also integrated to a large distributor of Prepaid Electricity for all South African Municipalities. The same can be done for other territories and is available for other utilities such as public transport, education and healthcare for example (see bespoke distribution below). The Emerald™ system is flexible enough to either create vouchers, or store and redeem third party vouchers in its SecureVault, enabling different Service Agreement models prevalent in the Prepaid resell market.

Because we have already integrated to providers, we also understand the PPE Market, compliance and best practice and can assist with your implementation.

Retail Vouchers & Coupons

Retail Coupons

Retail Vouchers & Coupons

Emerald™ can generate vouchers or store 3rd party vouchers in the SecureVault for distribution and redemption. As such, Emerald™ is ideal for the generation of Retail or Value-based vouchers to be distributed in specific or ongoing retail or service campaigns. Emerald™ has been deployed in various Retail-based Rewards programmes to this end.

Agent Distribution Network

Agent Networks

Distributing Vouchers via Agent Networks

Increasing the footprint of your business with USSD Services might not be enough to reach the full capacity of your market, and therefore it is beneficial to deploy with an Agent Network in some regards, especially with Pre-paid services. This does not only increase turn-over, but also takes advantage of SME creation incentives. Emerald™ has a flexible and scaleable hierarchical structure that can enable the creation of complex Distributor, Super Agent and Agent relationships for the distribution of your vouchers to consumers.

Bespoke Vouchers Create, Store, Redeem

Bespoke Vouchers

Create your own batch of vouchers

Emerald™ is flexible enough to enable you to create your own vouchers, with their own values, in different denominations, in various batch sizes to be stored and redeemed from our secure Emerald™ Voucher Vault. Vouchers can be created, stored, redeemed and quarantined enabling a comprehensive service for your service distribution.


In addition, Emerald™ can facilitate the creation, storage and redemption of any type of voucher to be used in scenarios such as public transport, education, healthcare and other utility services. Whether it is for rewards and loyalty, retail, insurance, government, education, municipal or events – Emerald™ is a comprehensive voucher distribution and management platform.

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