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Emerald™ - Business Solutions

Transport Ticketing Solutions

Public Transport Mobile Ticketing

No more ticket stub fraud or loss of revenue due to paper tickets manually redeemed by an operator. Emerald’s Distribution Solution enables Ticket Creation, Storage, Redemption and Quarantine.

Consumers buy an M-Ticket online, which is redeemed at the point of presence, where access is given to the passenger in real-time.

Buses, Trains, Taxi’s, and more

Because Emerald™ is versatile in the types of vouchers it can create, store and redeem, the solution is universal to any Transport Ticketing solution.

Distribution Methods

Tickets can be bought at retail outlets, where the batches of pre-generated tickets are dispensed at tills like is currently done for Airtime, or distributed by Agent Networks, Sold via USSD on mobile-transacting platforms or online banking platforms.

Agent Distribution

Emerald’s Hierarchical Structure

Emerald™ is enabled with a powerful, yet simple Back End CAP (Central Administrative Portal) Interface, which allows you to control and configure various levels of hierarchical structures for the distribution of your vouchers, and the movement of money in the system. The Hierarchy will enable the creation of branches, sub-branches, Distributors and levels of Agents as an example.


This allows the movement of money from the sale of vouchers, with commission structures, to move to the top, while vouchers are distributed to the lower levels. There is full control over vouchers in the hierarchy, as well as each pre-funded account of each hierarchical entity – thus reducing fraud, recon time, and distribution risk.

The Roaming Agent model

There is a growing need for prepaid services to become ubiquitous, while there is a large number of SMEs needing opportunities. Enabling vendors, street merchants, and roaming agents to resell and distribute prepaid solutions to consumers wherever they are. The Agent pre-funds their account, purchases vouchers, coupons or tickets for various services they want to sell – where vouchers are then received to distribute via a mobile interface, App, or POS.

Retail Integration for Distribution

Batch file generation & Export

Emerald™ can provide vouchers in any required file format, which can be exported and sent securely to any major Retailer for distribution and sale on their POS systems. PMT currently provides vouchers to large Retailers in South Africa for Emerald™ Voucher solutions. Our support process ensures that this is done securely and without incident and offer 24/7 support and monitoring on these kinds of services.

Real-time direct integration

PMT™ is an integration specialist, having integrated to large Retailers, Banks, Insurers, Loyalty Engines, MNOs and more. PMT can facilitate a direct integration to Emerald™ for an integrated redemption and distribution transaction where required.

Prepaid Services

Variety of Prepaid Services

With Emerald™ you can resell and distribute various pre-paid services such as Airtime and Electricity based on our existing Service Provider integrations. In addition, Emerald™ can be used to provide various other prepaid utility services, such as Transport Ticketing, Health Care prepaid services, Education prepaid services, Alternative energy prepaid services, etc.

The Prepaid Market

There is an international trend to distribute and consume prepaid services, where the additional administration of connecting and disconnecting utilities, dealing with post-paid accounts settlement and disputes, and having surprise disconnections are a thing of the past. Prepaid services enable easy budgeting and control over consumption as it’s needed when it is needed.

Distribution Methods

Prepaid services can be exposed to retail outlets, where the batches of pre-generated vouchers are dispensed at tills as is currently done for Airtime, or distributed by Agent Networks, sold via USSD on mobile-transacting platforms or online banking platforms.