PrePaid Services

Variety of PrePaid Services

With Emerald™ you can resell and distribute various pre-paid services such as Airtime and Electricity based on our existing Service Provider integrations. In addition, Emerald™ can be used to provide various other pre-paid utility services, such as Transport Ticketing, Health Care prepaid services, Education prepaid services, Alternative energy prepaid services etc.

The Prepaid Market

There is an international trend to distribute and consume pre-paid services, where the additional administration of connecting and disconnecting utilities, dealing with post-paid accounts settlement and disputes, and having surprise disconnections are a thing of the past. Pre-paid services enable easy budgeting and control over consumption as its needed, when it is needed.

Distribution Methods

Prepaid services can be exposed to retail outlets, where the batches of pre-generated vouchers are dispensed at tills as is currently done for Airtime, or distributed by Agent Networks, Sold via USSD on mobile-transacting platforms or online banking platforms.

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