Empowering Female SMEs

Empowering Women as Entrepreneurs

Amethyst™ enables SMEs to earn commissions and fee income from facilitating transactions, while also enabling SMEs to sell their goods while being paid via a Customer’s Wallet into the Merchant’s Wallet.

Many women take advantage of the opportunity to become Agents and Merchants, reducing their Cash risk, but earning a steady and scaleable income from offering the service.

Women are still a largely disempowered and disadvantaged class in society, on which so much of our future depends. With Amethyst™, it takes very little for a vendor to start operations. All that a woman will need is a GSM enabled phone, their FICA documentation, and a willing attitude. Once set up, the Agent can start taking deposits and earning commission, from there enabling airtime and Withdrawals is a simple matter of time.

Some of the great success stories out of the various territories where Amethyst has services MMT solutions, is that some women started as street merchants, and a few years later own their own stores. Enabling Merchants to take payments via Wallets saves the Merchant costs, and reduced Cash risk.

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