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PMT Hosting Services

Hybrid Cloud Solutions


On and off premise solutions

Assist with scalability and off premise failover sites

Securely and efficiently connect to remote client clouds

Auditable and managed service

Managed Hosting


Best of breed dedicated and managed data centre solutions

Dedicated or shared hardware for bespoke needs

The ability to facilitate PCI and ISO compliance audits

Partnered with MTN Business

On premise physical hardware

Sun Solaris

Hosting Solutions


Pattern Matched Technologies™ offers

Oracle Sun Solaris PCI-compliant hosted solutions

These solutions utilise Linex or Solaris Virtual Machines

PCI-compliant hosted solutions


MTN-Business hosting partner

We can help you with you PCI requirements

PCI Implementation & Maintenance

PCI Hosting Data Centre


Best of bread unix operating system

  • Provides the most efficient enterprise cloud virtualization with no performance loss and the highest consolidation ratios.
  • Extends zone functionality to allow independent zone kernels with independent patch/upgrade and live migration, providing much more flexibility in moving workloads.
  • Provides integrated ZFS encryption, compression, replication, snapshots and cloning.
  • Provides the ability to sandbox applications, users, and virtual machines via centralized security requirements while delegating necessary access to business units for operational flexibility and centralised control.
  • Provides the ability to build simple, compliant, secure, efficient clouds
  • Locked down hypervisor and guest environments stop malware before it gets in.
  • Incorporates a complete OpenStack distribution, bringing OpenStack functionality to enterprise environments.
  • Delivers unique innovation and optimization for Oracle Database, Middleware, and application deployments.

Choose from any Cloud flavour

With compatibility on all major Cloud service providers, we not only reduce the requirements for dedicated hardware but also greatly extend the hosting capabilities.

  • Reduce spending on technology infrastructure. Maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Pay as you go, based on demand.
  • Reduce capital costs. There’s no need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees.
  • Improve flexibility. You can change direction without serious “people” or “financial” issues at stake.
  • Inherit best practices on architecture operational processes and security.
AWS Azure IBM Google


Hybrid Cloud

  • With using hybrid Cloud we have the ability to run a mix of on and off premise solutions, leveraging the best features and cutting edge while still maintaining an audible and managed service.
  • Assist with scalability and off premise failover sites.
  • By using VPNs we securely and efficiently connect to remote client cloud or on premise sites gives us full flexibility.

Managed Hosting

By partnering with MTN Business we provide the best of breed dedicated and managed data centre solutions.

On premise physical hardware, that is both audible and managed.

Dedicated or shared hardware for bespoke needs from Banking isolation up to physical network segregation, we tailor for a range of providers.

The ability to facilitate PCI and ISO compliance audits, with the backing of our hosting providers and years of experience, coupled with best practice hosting.