Financial Switching:

  • CORE ISO8583 Financial Switching
  • Issuing and Acquiring
  • Last Mile Integrations
  • High TPS

Core ISO8583

Core ISO8583

Financial Switching Engine

The Crimson™ Engine is built to apply the ISO 8583 financial switching specification and conforms to both Issuing and Acquiring methodologies and roles regarding any financial communication between systems. Crimson™ has been implemented in Debit Card switching engines that service large Retail and Bank applications, as well as implemented to service last mile integration journeys for retail acquiring at large scale.

Because Crimson™ is built in a functional language, Erlang, it delivers high TPS and can scale to manage high volumes.


Success Stories

One of PMT’s oldest Clients is Tutuka, a Debit Switch for Cards, servicing most of the Banks in South Africa, as well as gift and pre-paid cards for various companies and retailers. Tutuka is built on the Core Grade Crimson™ Switch, which offers them robust, reliable and scaleable technology.

Last Mile Integrations

Last Mile POS Integrations

Implementation of an end-to-end transactional solution is expensive by any token, and often corporates are under pressure, both financially and time-wise to implement last mile integrations from services like Postilion. PMT’s Crimson™ tech is a popular choice as Crimson™ is simple to configure, with fast delivery.

Crimson Business Solutions