Core Grade Wallet Solution:

  • Value Store Transacting & Switching
  • Mobile Money Transfer
  • Loyalty or Value Store Systems
  • Alternative Transacting Platforms

Amethyst™ Wallet Solution

Amethyst™ Wallet

Agile Technology to leapfrog transactional services

The Amethyst™ Wallet solution provides a sophisticated Chart Of Accounts (COA) that can be configured to suit your transactional needs, while enabling core Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) transactions. Wallet technology is essentially a value store against which Debits and Credits move in accordance with required business interactions.

Why the Amethyst™ system is a powerful alternative payments instrument is due to its highly scaleable architecture, agile and quick means to bring changes to the market, as well as facilitating ubiquitous servicing of the consumer, at low cost. Our out-of-the-box Wallet service includes:

  • P2P (Peer to Peer) Transfer
  • Merchant payment and settlement
  • Comprehensive Agent Network configurability
  • Agent Cash Float management
  • Wallet Debit Card (Withdraw and POS swipe)
  • Wallet top-up and withdrawal transactions
  • VAS purchases like Airtime & other Prepaid utility services
  • Various OTP transactions for security
  • Multi Tenancy and Multi Dimensional Wallets
Loyalty Wallet

Since a Wallet is essentially a value store, Amethyst™ is able to differentiate between currencies and can facilitate Loyalty as a type of Wallet against which functions and transactions can be executed.


Success Stories

Amethyst™ launched both the EcoCash Service in Zimbabwe in 2010 as well as the MobiPay Solution in Georgia, Russia. Both Wallet solutions scaled to on board over 2 million consumers who actively transact with VAS, Merchants, Agents, Bill settlement, Deposits and Withdrawals. There is full accountability for all transactions and functions and our systems have been signed off by various auditors and Central / Reserve Banks.

Multi Dimensional

Multi Dimensional Wallets

Amethyst™ is flexible in enabling more than one Wallet per Consumer in the system. Each Wallet can be configured to have their own transactions, currencies, integrations, fees, limits and KYC requirements. A Customer might have a Transacting Wallet, while having several sub-Wallets.

Multi Tenancy

Multi Tenancy

Amethyst™ enables an instance to have many Wallet programmes operational in one system at the same time, each silo’d to the full degree, thus having individual branding, transactions, integrations, COA’s, currencies, instruments and so forth.

Merchant & Agent Networks

Agent and Merchant Networks

Enabling Agents in a Mobile Money Transfer context allows Consumers to Deposit and Withdraw via a much larger network of access points, than just a physical building or branch. This also enables SME’s to earn income, and serve the community of Wallet holders with assistance, news and support.

Cash management in a wallet context is important to the operations of the system, and thus Amethyst™ provides for comprehensive Super Agent and Agent network structures to track Cash flow in the system, elliminating risk.

The Merchants in the system enables Wallet holders to buy from Merchants, and for Merchants to reduce operational costs. Amethyst™ has various ways to have payments initiated against Merchants, easily and conveniently – via QR Code, OTPs or Merchant Codes.

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