Award Winning (2013 – 2018) WASP offering reliable:

  • USSD (Default and Network Initiated)
  • Banking Grade SMS’
  • SIM Securitisation for Banking
  • Number Portability Look-up
  • Location Based Services

USSD Services

USSD Services

NI USSD & Default

Amber™ USSD is deployed for several large Banks in South Africa, providing reliable and easy access to the banking platform by means of self-service. Our Amber™ platform has proven its worth by facilitating over 16 million unique SIM subscribers / phone numbers on our platform in one month, with over 42 million transactions facilitated by one platform in a month.

PMT has pioneered Network Initiated USSD (NI USSD) for companies who require a means to initiate a USSD session through a business process that will appear on the Customer’s phone – ideal for transaction verification.

Reverse Billing USSD

USSD Services

Reversed Billed USSD

PMT has pioneered a billing methodology whereby a corporate can pay for the USSD sessions that Customers use instead of the Customers paying for a session with their airtime.


Free Bind USSD

Free binds are short codes that are free of charge for Customers – ideal for enabling the selling of airtime over USSD when Customers do not have airtime to dial USSD. PMT work with WASP departments in Networks to enable these services for our clients. For more information please contact our WASP department.

Session Resume

USSD Services

Session Resume

PMT has pioneered Session Resume in South Africa, whereby our intelligent Amber™ solution maps the last Menu position that the Customer had on the interface when their session terminates. If the Customer dials the shortcode again, an option is provided to resume the same session that was last accessed, while remembering all data captured in the process.


This saves time and money for Consumers on your platform, and increases convenience and ease of access.

Other WASP Services

Other WASP Services

SMS | LBS | SIM Securitisation | NI USSD

For more information on our other WASP services, please visit our WASP Services page. PMT is a leading and award winning WASP and founder member of WASPA, the regulating body of WASPs in South Africa.

MIS Reporting

MIS Reporting

Management Reporting on your Amber™ service

All instances of Amber™ come with a comprehensive SLA for hosting, Support, 24/7 Tier 2 and 3 Monitoring and Technical Support, as well as detailed MIS reporting. For more information please visit our section on MIS reporting.

Pattern Matched Technologies, as a founding WASPA member takes pride in only delivering ethical WASP services and do not work with or enable any WASP subscription or premium rated MNO services.

Download our API for free!

Use ARHI to Develop your own USSD menus in just a few minutes.

This API enables you to build and maintain your own USSD Menu’s remotely. Any developer will be able to integrate to and set up your Menu’s within a few hours – its that simple!

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